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WELCOME TO PINETREE PET CARE CENTRE  Where we love what we do, and where we are - which you will see immediately once you have visited our pet care facility.  Please take our web tour then contact us if you have questions.

Pinetree Pet Care Centre, Guelph, Ontario the very best place for all your Dog & Cat Pet Boarding needs.  We are located on a ten acre country property dedicated to dog & cat boarding and pet grooming. 

Pinetree Pet Care Centre was established in 1996, and since that time we have provided Premium Dog & Cat Boarding, Professional Dog & Cat Pet Grooming and Pet Retail Supplies to the residents of the Greater Guelph area and our surrounding cities. 


Visit our boarding facility to take a tour and bring your pet with you to help assure he/she becomes familiar with our facility.  For your first visit - you should be relaxed and calm at all times, talk to your pet in a positive tone of voice, and then your dog will see this experience as something to just take in stride and just might be fun!  All of these services by a caring, well-trained, and committed staff!

All Breed Dog & Cat Pet Grooming  Grooming is not just about aesthetics and with some breeds visits to the Professional Groomer are needed more frequently. Each breed requires individual coat care and the frequency of the grooming depends on the length of the coat.  Self-grooming done by cats does not eliminate the need of professional grooming. A cat's natural habit of licking could lead to the accumulation of hair that is swallowed. As a result of this licking dreaded hairball formations can occur.  A professional Groomer is your link to information about your pet's needs.  We are devoted to dogs and cats and will take every care of your pet's needs.

Off-Lead Dog Park  Our two acre fenced area is just the place where our clients can have an  opportunity to exercise their dogs off-leash in a private fenced area which is a safe and a controlled environment for you and your pet.  Our Off-Lead Dog Park offers a new way to enjoy a playtime with your favorite friend and meet with other dog lovers.  Set up play dates with your friends to meet for a fun time with your pets!

Sunshine Pet Cemetery is located at Pinetree Pet Care Centre, in Guelph offering full service pet burials. Located in the midst of a picturesque ten acre country property is the perfect setting for your pet's final resting place.

Sunshine Pet Cemetery provides everything you need for that perfect memorial to a true friend.  We know you will find our Sunshine Pet Cemetery a peaceful final resting place for your beloved pet.  We offer a wide variety of services including ground burial in a private plot and interment of cremated remains (Columbarium).


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Pinetree Pet Care Centre, Guelph, Ontario

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Off-Lead Dog Park - Pet Retail Boutique
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